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Choosing Baby Shower Gifts

Opening the gifts is perhaps the most anticipated at any newborn baby shower party. The chorus of ooohs over beautiful nursery items, cute toys and gorgeous baby clothing is a sweet reminder of the rite of passage into motherhood. As a family member or friend of the new parents, you always want give unique baby gifts to the new parents to make a good impression.

But for some, choosing the right baby gifts can be very stressful. There are many gifts you can give to new baby, and mum, but no matter how trendy or unique the gift is, always keep it practical!

* Basic Necessities

Everyone loves dressing a baby; friends and family will all want to buy clothes for the new baby as soon as he is born. Many mums wished they had received a variety of sizes because their babies outgrew the newborn size outfits within two or three months.

* “Would Be Nice to Have” Items

If you want to add extras to your basic baby gifts, you could add cot toys, personalized baby clothing, nursery prints, a memory box, stuffed animals, rattles, baby shoes etc. You may also like to add crib blankets or quilts or pram blankets and wraps.

* More Expensive Gifts

If you are very close to the family and would like to buy more expensive baby products, think about items that have longevity, which can be handed through future siblings and future generations. Quality and luxurious fabrics such as Alpaca or Cashmere are fine examples and make wonderful keepsakes.

By the way, it’s always a good idea to ask the family which baby items they need the most and which they have already received. That way there won’t be a duplication of baby gifts, and makes unique gifts for baby.

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