BabyYoga – Baby Massage & Yoga DVD

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An introduction to baby massage – great for both Mum and Babe, helping the bonding process in a fun and intimate way. A beneficial gift idea for a new Mum.



This DVD enables you to participate in a yoga class in the comfort of your own home, and perhaps to introduce friends and family to the benefits of both massage and yoga for your baby. Baby Yoga is a relatively new practice that has become increasingly popular with parents as they witness its positive effect on their babies developments and on the mother/baby relationship.

Suitable from 6 weeks to 9 months of age.

What are the benefits of baby yoga?
Baby yoga helps strengthen the physical body.
Improves digestion and relief of colic.
Helps the balance and harmony of the body.
Helps babies to move from reflex to voluntary movements.
Stimulates all the senses.
Helps to settle babies and improve sleep patterns.
Enhances communication between parent and your baby.
Tactile stimulation contributes to the development of the brain and the nervous system.
Increases babies abilities to cope with future challenges.
A celebration of the individuality of baby.
Helps Mum to heal after a difficult birth or when suffering from post-natal depression
Pleasure and fun!


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